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Players Online: 0
Global v 83

6x Experience
5x Meso
2x Drop


Setup Download
1. Download the .zip file
2. Extract the .zip file to where you want to have it
3. Open Classyms.exe and PLAY

If you've lost the client, re-download it from here. IMPORTANT! You also need our custon .wz files to play. Only downloading client and not our custom wz files result in a block from the game.
Current Version: ClassyMS 83 v2.0
Version Part of Notes
2.0 OUTCLASSED - v83 Upgrade
- Coke Town
- Fishing System
1.1 OUTCLASSED - Temple Questline Fix
- Other minor fixes
1.0 OUTCLASSED - Added Temple of Time
- Added Sahel 1-3
- Added Jester Map
- Classy Coins and others added