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Ticket system

Posted by AuraShadow on 02.06

Hello everyone!

A few weeks back i posted this forum thread: we decided to stop doing support for player abuse and ban appeals through the forum!

We have decided to start using the built in ticket system on our website for these particular sections. Now i guess you wonder "HOW do i make a ticket?" 
Well its quite easy to make a ticket! Here is how you do it:

  1. log in on the website
  2. Click where it says "control panel" looks like this:

    Now it should look like this: 
  3. Click on Tickets (top right)
  4. Click on Create Ticket (bottom left)
  5. Now it should look like this: Fill in the form BUT dont fill in to much information, we are currently working on fixing a minor bug with this system!
    press "Send Ticket"
  6. Now the ticket should be on the ticket page! (next to the ticket it should say the ticket is (OPEN) with green letters on the left side.
  7. Go into your ticket:
  8. Now in the response window write the problem you have, give as much details as you can to the issue and how we can reproduce the issue. IF you are not ofcourse reporting another player for misconduct.
    In the ticket use a image that you have uploaded on a site (example to upload your evidence)
  9. Submit your response and the window should now look like this: 
  10. The ticket is now created and you can now wait for an response from an Admin to reply to your ticket!
    You will almost always get feedback/questions reguarding your ticket so keep checking back every day for an reply. 
  11. After you feel you gotten enough help through the ticket make sure to tell us that.
  12. After you have recieved help an admin will ask "have you gotten all the help you needed or is there anything else you need help with?", or something simular IF the answer is that you gotten enough help the admin will close the ticket and IF you need more help you will have to submit a new ticket.

//ClassyMS Team

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