• Welcome to ClassyMS v83
  • 6x Exp, 2x Drop, 5x Meso.
  • ClassyMS has no wipes, ever!
  • Mostly everything works on ClassyMS
  • ClassyMS has Coke Town!
  • ClassyMS will add lots of content!
  • Get a hold of the Classy Coins!
  • Friendly Community
  • So much Free NX!
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ClassyMS General Information
[Image: logo.png]
6x Exp - 2x Drop - 5x Meso

Welcome to ClassyMS! The Classiest MapleStory server there is! Our goal is to combine the classic MapleStory experience we all love with the joy of the new content added over the years. We believe that the combination of the classic nostalgia combined with the new and exciting, is what makes up classy.

[Image: iconRAW.png] Why choose us?

Easy to get NX
NX drops everywhere, and you can vote for NX Cash on our server many times a day! Every NX clothing is permanent, and if you want to donate, you'll get 50.000 NX Cash per dollar donated. 

No Wipe Guarantee
Your character, levels and your achievements are safe with us. If you loose anything, you will be compensated, for as long as the server stands.

We don't waste your time
Your time is valuable, and we won't waste it. With 6x experience, you can skip all the boring quests and do all the fun, not waiting to level up. 2x exp cards can also be bought in Cash Shop. All available items, gear and classes are constantly available, not only in rare events. 

No Pay2Win or "Paid Overclass"
Everything is available completely free, and not too hard to get. Some servers offer custom styles or clothing to those who pay, but we make sure everyone can be as classy as the want for free! If you do decide to donate, we will reward you VERY handsomely!

GMSLike, but better!
Most things on our server works with full availability. We're still in BETA, but our goal is to be GMS-like, but better! We want that everything should work like it did on MapleStory v83 back in the days, but with new content added, and fixed to fit the pre-bb experience we all remember.

[Image: iconRAW.png] Custom Content

Classy Coins
We have our own server currency, Classy Coins. You can acquire Classy Coins from grinding, fishing or voting for our server. Read more in the Classy Coin Guide coming soon. Classy coins can be spent on gear, chairs, hard-to-get skillbooks and others.

Maple Leafs
Maple Leafs drops from all monsters, and can be exchanged for maple weapons from NPC Mia in Henesys, or exchanged for Classy Coins in the Free Market.

Coke Town
Coke Town is some old event maps from MapleStory Korea made by Wizet for the Coca Cola company. The maps have been fully implemented, and you may go there from the Cokebear Operator NPC in Henesys.

Talk to NPC Fishmael in the free market, and you can get a fishing chair and go the the Fishing Dock. While sitting in the fishing chair in the fishing map, you can "fish" for experience, mesos items, classy coins, and gear every 30 seconds or so.

Reset Anytme
NPC Inkwell sells AP/SP Resets for only 10.000 mesos.
Just a normal day at the server? Tongue
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